Where are we located?

We are located in Australia.

Do you sell printed Geocaching logs?

Yes, we do!  Visit the GEOLoggers Shop to purchase pre-printed Geocaching log sheets, log books, waterproof paper or to order your personalised, unique Geocaching logs!

We ship everything in our store world-wide!

I can already get free templates, why more?

Our logs look a lot better than most of the other free Geocaching log templates available out there.  We wanted to create free, premium Geocaching logs that people are going to love to use!

Can I sell logs that I print from your templates?

No.  We sell these in the GEOLoggers Online Shop.  This is the only place they are available for sale.

Feel free to print them and give to your Geo-buddies though! 🙂


Where can I get help printing the logs?

Please see our Geocaching Log Template Printing Instructions page for full instructions on how to print our logs.

Do I need to the print the log double-sided?

No, you do not.  You can just print single-sided if you want.  We do provide a range of reverse-side options for each log, from a simple lined version, to a fully-numbered version.

How can I check the offset of my printer?

You can use our simple Reverse Page Checker tool.  This is simply a couple of PDFs that you print to help you gauge what the offset of your printer is.  If you want your reverse-side, numbered logs to line up correctly, you need to choose the correct reverse-side log – this tool will help you do that.

Why are no lines printed on the edges of each log?

We made the decision not to include cutting lines, as this detracts from the finished product, as you can usually still see the lines after cutting, resulting in a less-attractive log.    We want our logs to look great for your caches!

Our logs do, however, provide cutting guides at the top and bottom of the page to help you cut the logs with a paper trimmer/cutter.


What should I cut up my logs with?

The easiest way to cut our logs after printing is with a paper trimmer/cutter.  These allow you to cut straight lines fairly accurately.  An example of one is shown below:



If you do not have a paper trimmer, you could also draw a line along our cutting guide (printing at the top and bottom of each log), and simply use scissors.  You will get a much straighter and more professional look using a paper trimmer though.

You can also use a paper Guillotine, although it is a little harder to get a precise cut for the smaller logs (like the nano, and smaller micro logs).

You could also theoretically use a cutting mat with a ruler and a cutting knife if you have these available, just be careful!

We do not provide full cutting lines along the edges of the log, as the logs end up looking rather shabby after cutting.  However, if there is enough people asking for this, we may provide other options for our logs with these lines available in the future.




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