Printing Instructions

If you are printing our logs one-sided, you really shouldn’t have any problems at all.  However, when printing double-sided, it may take a little more effort.

Regardless of which side you are printing, there are a couple of things you should take note of:

  • If you are printing from Adobe Reader, select the Actual Size option in the Print dialog.  This will ensure that your logs will get printed at the correct size.  If you choose a different option your logs may be scaled to a different size.



  • Make sure you do not print at a really high resolution (DPI value), as the log lines may not print out correctly.  We print our logs at 600 DPI and they look fine.
  • Choose the correct paper size for your printer.  We supply all of our logs in either A4 or LETTER formats.

How to Print

If you just want one-sided logs, you can simply download the appropriate Front Only PDF file and print it as required.

If you want to print double-sided you have two options:

  1. Duplex Printing – if you printer can print duplex (ie. double-sided), you can download the appropriate Duplex PDF file for the log you want and print that with your printer’s duplex option.  Be warned that many printers will print the reverse side of the page at a slight offset (or even skewed slightly), which may mean the reverse side of your log will not line up correctly.  If this occurs, use option 2.
  2. Manual Reverse Printing  – if you do not have a printer with a duplex mode, or you tried printing duplex, and the reverse side of your logs are not lining up correctly with the front side, then you will have to manually print the reverse side.  Please see the instructions in the next section.

Manual Reverse Printing

Printing the reverse side of the logs can be a little tricky if your printer prints at a slight offset (most home printers will not be very precise and will print with a slight offset). All of our logs come with a selection of reverse pages with different offsets, so you can choose the one closest to your requirements once you determine if your printer has an offset or not.

TIP: while you are testing your reverse-side printing, make sure you use normal paper, and not expensive water-resistant stuff!

To check if your printer will print with an offset, please use our Reverse Page Checker – this is a simple double-sided PDF that will show you how much of an offset (if any) your printer is printing at.

Once you have used the Reverse Page Checker to ascertain the offset of your printer, you can choose which of the reverse-side logs to choose.  For example, if the Reverse Page Checker shows that you have a 2mm Right offset, then you just need to choose the 2mm Right Offset reverse page for the log you require.  The screenshot below shows you an example of the available reverse-side PDFs for a single log sheet.

Note that we also provide a simple reverse side for each log type that has no numbers.  You can use this if you are finding it difficult to line up the reverse-side logs.


Example of Reverse Side PDFs


If you are having trouble getting the reverse-side log to line up correctly, we provide a simple (un-numbered) reverse side for each log type which you can use in this case!

If you are still having trouble send us a message on our Contact page.



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