Reverse Page Checker

When printing the reverse-side logs, you may find that your printer is printing at a slight offset – this is normal for most home printers.  We have developed a simple reverse page checker that you can print out to help you determine what your printer’s printing offset is.

To use our Reverse Page Checker, please use the instructions below.


Firstly, you will need to download the Reverse Page Checker PDF files.  If you have a duplex printer, you can choose the duplex option, otherwise you will have to download both the front and reverse pages.  Make sure you choose the correct size of paper for your printer (either A4 or Letter).

  • Download 66.6 KB – A4 Reverse Page Checker Front Only PDF
  • Download 34.7 KB – A4 Reverse Page Checker Back Only PDF
  • Download 102.1 KB – A4 Reverse Page Checker Duplex PDF
  • Download 66.7 KB – LETTER Reverse Page Checker Front Only PDF
  • Download 34.8 KB – LETTER Reverse Page Checker Back Only PDF
  • Download 102.1 KB – LETTER Reverse Page Checker Duplex PDF

Once you have downloaded the appropriate PDF file(s), either print the duplex version (if you have a duplex printer), or print both the front and reverse PDF – print the front page first, and then flip it around and print the reverse page on the same piece of paper. TIP: make sure you print these files with the Actual Size option set!

If you are manually printing the reverse side on the back of the front side, make sure you have the piece of paper the right way around. Different printers require different positioning of this paper to print on the correct side – a bit of trial and error may be required to get this right!

Once printed (on both sides), pick up the paper and hold it up to a window (or other light source), making sure you are looking at the front of the paper.  Look at the little gauge at the top of the front page and you should be able to see the line printed on the reverse of the paper – this will tell you what the offset is for your printer.  For example, if the black line on the reverse side is in the 2 section to the right of the middle of the gauge, then you should choose the 2mm Right Offset reverse log.

You should also see the long vertical line on the back – if your printer is printing straight, this line should be fairly parallel to the line on the front of the page.  If it is not parallel, and it is skewed quite badly, this means your paper is not being fed straight through your printer – check your printer tray to ensure things are set up correctly.


TIP: It is usually a lot harder to keep your paper feeding straight if you use the manual feed option of your printer. In general, you’ll get a straighter print your paper from paper in the paper tray.


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