Scan My Social is the new, fun way to capture Social Munzees!  Whether you want to take your time and read about each social, or if you want to blast away to build up your numbers, Scan My Social is for you!

You do not need to authenticate or login to capture, however, if you do, you will enjoy the benefits of doing so (see below).   You can easily add your own Socials for others to capture by authenticating.  We’ll even keep track of what you haven’t scanned yet!  So, go on and start scanning!

Not Capped Yet (by you)There are 701 Social Munzees available to scan!

NOTE: all Social Munzees on this site have been added (or approved to be added) by their owners!

Welcome, guest!

You are very welcome to use Scan My Social as a guest, but we just want you to know that if you do login and authenticate (it's free!), you will get more features including:

  • You will only see Social Munzees that you have not already scanned.
  • As soon as you scan a Social Munzee successfully it will disappear from the list.
  • You can add/edit/remove your own Social Munzee so that others can scan it.
  • You can get full details of each Social Munzee by clicking on it.
Visit the Munzee API Login Page if you wish to login and make scanning Social Munzees even more fun!

Let the scanning begin...

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