Munzee FAQs

Store FAQs


Store FAQs

Where are you located?

We are located Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

How much does shipping cost?

Most items ship for free, however, those that do not fit in an envelope will incur a shipping charge.  See our Shipping page for more information! Your items will be shipped from Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA!

How long does shipping take?

See our Shipping page for more information, however, as a general guide, it will take between 3-10 business days if you are outside Australia, and between 1-5 business days if you are in Australia.

How do I contact GEOLoggers?

Use the contact form on our Contact page, or email us at

Munzee FAQs

Do you sell genuine Munzee stickers?

Yes, we do! All munzees we sell, except our Tree Tag products are genuine Munzee stickers from Munzee HQ!

Are you an official Munzee Reseller?

Yes, we are! You can find a link to our shop on the Munzee website's offical resellers page!

Why don't you have reward points?

We prefer to use our freebie system as you can get your rewards in the same order, instead of having to wait until a subsequent order. For every $25 spent you can choose from a selection of freebie products to add to your order immediately!