Welcome to the FREEBIE zone!  

For every $25 AUD (Australian Dollars) you spend you can choose an item from this category, either geocaching or munzee related, or both!

For example, if you spend $75 AUD in your order, you can choose three items from this category (or three of the same if you wish!).  Just add the item to your shopping cart and we'll do the rest!

Note that if you choose too many freebies you will get a notice in the shopping cart and checkout pages.  We will ignore any extras you are not eligible for!

Also note that if you order ONLY includes credits, you can request your freebies on your next order that requires delivery.

So get shopping and choose your freebies!

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FREEBIE: 1 x GEOLoggers Reseller Unique Munzees (RUMs) CREDIT  (NOT FOR EUROPE/UK)
This is a FREEBIE when you order over $25 AUD in your order!  This FREEBIE is for ONE Credit On..
$0.00 AUD
FREEBIE: 1 x MINI Mystery Munzee Sticker
Introducing the new MINI Mystery Munzee!  One of the favourite types of Munzees for cappers to ..
$0.00 AUD
Out of Stock
FREEBIE: 1 x Motel Mini Munzee Sticker
Motel Munzees (also known as Munzee Motels) are one of the more complex Munzees - but they..
$0.00 AUD
Out of Stock
FREEBIE: 5 x MICRO Generic Munzee Stickers (WHITE)
Freebie five pack of MICRO size generic Munzees! Because of their smaller size, the Minizee can b..
$0.00 AUD
Out of Stock