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This Mini Magnetic Cover Plate Geocache Container was designed from the ground up to be a geocache container! It features a slide-in inner log holder that holds a waterproof log for your cache!  The cache features a super-strong neodymium (rare earth) magnet to keep in stuck solid on whatever magnetic surface you can find!

The mini cover plate's dimensions are approximately 72mm long x 29mm wide x 6.5mm high.  Just like our larger cover plate, you can pop this high on a street pole, steel wall, signpost, or any other magnetic object.  It is available in three colours, silver, dark grey and black.  The silver and dark grey colours are especially good for walls and signs, while the black colour is perfect for hiding in a dark place such as a bridge pylon or under other structures.

This mini cover plate sits very flat (it is only 6.5mm high!), so you can slide it into a tiny gap - as long as it's magnetic!  

The inner log container holds a folded log - no need to roll those tiny logs anymore!  We will include 3 x Rite in the Rain DURACOPY Geologgers waterproof cache logs that will fit perfectly in the cache.  You can also buy these separately if you need more.


  • 1 x Mini Magnetic Cover Plate Geocache
  • 3 x Free GEOLoggers Rite in the Rain DURACOPY Waterproof Geocaching Logs 

We also sell a larger cover plate cache if you want to have a wider log sheet in a bison tube!

Requires Satchel True

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