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One of our sneakiest caches is our Mushroom Cache!  Just plonk it down in a garden somewhere and it looks just like the real thing!  The cap unscrews from the stem to reveal a small bison tube where you can store you cache log.

The mushroom container is approximately 82mm tall and the cap is approximately 75mm in diameter.  We will include a small Bison Tube that fits inside the Mushroom container to store your log in.  The Mushroom Container is not fully water proof, so we suggest using the included Bison Tube for the cache log.

We will include 3 x free log sheets that will fit inside this cache container.


  • 1 x Mushroom Cap
  • 1 x Mushroom Stem
  • 1 x Bison Tube (to put the log into inside the Mushroom container)
  • 3 x Free GEOLoggers Geocaching Logs 
Requires Satchel True

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