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Do you want your Geocaches to look great?  Try one of these cache stickers on your cache container!  It will make it look great, but also stop your cache from being mistaken for something that may get the authorities interested.

These stickers are made from top-quality, water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and fade-resistant stickers, that should last a long time in the wild!

This design is 60mm wide and 31mm high, and features the Geocaching logo and the words Official Geocache, plus the words Do Not Remove underneath.  This sticker also has a small panel where you can write in your cache details.  These are perfect for large mint tins (the older style Eclipse tins here in Australia).

In this pack you will get 5 stickers.

NOTE: these are not designed to be underwater! They can get wet, but not underwater.

Sticker Attributes
Sticker Size 60mm Wide x 31mm High
Sticker Count 5 Stickers

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