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NOTE: EUROPE/UK Players - you can buy these here from MHQ!  Please do not purchase from our site, your order will just be refunded.

Electric Mystery Virtuals are here at GEOLoggers!

This virtual Elemental is a shock to the system!

When capped, the Electric Mystery will charge three virtual munzees nearby to be worth double points for two hours or until capped.

The point structure of Electric Mystery Munzees are as follows:

  • Deploy: 50 Points
  • Capture/CapOn: Split of 60 with 10 minimum

​The point structure of the charge is:

  • Capture/CapOn: 2 x the points value of the virtual it lands on!

​Please enter your Munzee username is the box provided and your Virtual will be awarded as soon as we process your order.

NOTE: these will be applied to your account AS SOON AS WE PROCESS YOUR ORDER - no more waiting!

You can order as many of these as you like!

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Munzee Count 1

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