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This new physical Munzee type is much like it's elemental counterparts, but don't expect to scatter every time you cap an Earth Mystery! While Fire left you burned and Ice frozen solid, the Earth Munzee is all about Going Green.

When you capture an Earth Munzee all munzees that haven't been capped in over a year will turn into a Recycle Munzee for two hours- but only for you to see.

As a deployer of these Earth Mysteries you will receive 50 points when you deploy.

Like the Fire mysteries, Capture AND Cap-On points are split randomly (in multiples of 5 points) between SIXTY (60) points! 

The Earth Mystery stickers are the same size as the existing Mini Mystery stickers (approximately 0.65" (1.65cm) square), but they are a funky green with brown background!

In this pack you will get FIVE (5) EARTH Mystery Munzees!

Each Earth Mystery Munzee is generically coded, which means it is not tied to any user account - use them yourselves, or give them out to your friends!  They are only tied to a user account once they are deployed.

Munzee Attributes
Munzee Size 0.65 inch (1.65 cm) Square
Munzee Count 5

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