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Introducing the all-new Reseller Unique Munzee (RUM)!  Each participating Munzee Reseller (including GEOLoggers), now have their very own reseller munzee!

The RUMs are not just plain generics, they have a special point structure to make them a great way to get points!  The point structure is as follows:

  • Capture: 15 Points
  • Deploy: 25 Points
  • Capture On: 10 Points

You will earn a badge after deploying 5 stickers from any single reseller. (badge will be retroactive as it will not be ready until next month after the Easter events) 

A single icon will appear for any RUM deployed no matter which reseller. 

Two icons will be earned by player when capturing a RUM - the reseller icon as well as the individual reseller of that sticker

The RUMs are the same size as the new Shamrock stickers, approximately 37mm wide x 20mm high.  Our GEOLoggers RUM stickers have the GEOLoggers logo on the left, and the QR code on the right.

These stickers are manufactured by MHQ, and are made out of the same strong vinyl material that all other MHQ munzees are made out of.

In this pack you will get TEN (10) GEOLoggers Reseller Unique Munzees!

Each RUM is generically coded, which means it is not tied to any user account - use them yourselves, or give them out to your friends!  They are only tied to a user account once they are deployed.

Munzee Attributes
Munzee Size Approx 37mm wide x 20mm high
Munzee Count 10

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