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This is a FREEBIE when you order over $25 AUD in your order!  This FREEBIE is for ONE Credit Only.

Introducing the all-new Reseller Unique Munzee (RUM)!  Each participating Munzee Reseller (including GEOLoggers), now have their very own reseller munzee!

The RUMs are not just plain generics, they have a special point structure to make them a great way to get points!  The point structure is as follows:

  • Capture: 15 Points
  • Deploy: 25 Points
  • Capture On: 10 Points

You will earn a badge after deploying 5 stickers from any single reseller. (badge will be retroactive as it will not be ready until next month after the Easter events) 

A single icon will appear for any RUM deployed no matter which reseller. 

Two icons will be earned by player when capturing a RUM - the reseller icon as well as the individual reseller of that sticker

NOTE: these will be applied to your account AS SOON AS WE PROCESS YOUR ORDER - no more waiting!

NOTE: you can claim a freebie for every $25 AUD (Australian Dollars) you spend in your order!


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