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NOTE: EUROPE/UK Players - Flat RUMS are not specific to individual resellers, so you can buy these from your local Munzee reseller.  Please do not purchase from our site, your order will just be refunded.

The brand new Flat RUMs are here!

Available from all resellers, these are just like the other Munzee Flats, but the cool thing is that they count for both Reseller AND Flat points in clan wars! 

The point structure of the Flat RUMs is as follows:

  • Deploy: 19 Points
  • Capture: Split 83 Points with a minimum of 18 Points
  • Cap On: Split 83 Points with a minimum of 18 Points

These have a capture radius of 300 feet and are blastable!  The proximity rules of the Flat RUMs are the same as the other Flat munzees.

NOTE you can buy as many of these as you want!  There is no limit! 

​Please enter your Munzee username is the box provided and your Flat RUM will be awarded as soon as we process your order.

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