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This purchase is for a pack of our very own Generic Hanging / Tree Tags!  These tree tags are made from laser cut and etched, outdoor-weatherable, uv-stable, acrylic that can withstand a long time out in the elements!  

These are great for deploying in areas where there are no signs to put a sticker, such as a bush/forest trail.  Because they are generic, you can have a bush/forest trail full of specials if you wish!

The tags have a small hole near the top that will allow you to attach it to whatever you want!  The tags have a generic code printed on them.

Each tag is approximately 33mm (1.3") tall and 22mm (0.87") wide.  They are available in a range of colours and pack sizes, just choose above.

Each tag is generically coded, which means it is not tied to any user account - use them yourselves, or give them out to your friends!  They are only tied to a user account once they are deployed.

Munzee Attributes
Munzee Size 33mm (1.3") tall and 22mm (0.87") wide
Requires Satchel True

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