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Ever wanted to hide a munzee in a place where it's a little too hard to get the phone in to scan?  Well the answer is magnetic munzees

These magnetic munzees will stick to any metal surface that magnets normally stick to - great for hiding behind poles, on signs, etc.  You can even put them inside metal poles so they don't get removed.  The capper will just have to find the munzee and pull it out to scan it.

Each magnetic munzee is approximately an 18mm square, with the QR code itself being approximately a 15mm square.  The background colour of the munzee is a cool brushed silver colour.  These munzees are laser etched, so they will not peel off over time like a sticker.

Each Generic Munzee is generically coded, which means it is not tied to any user account - use them yourselves, or give them out to your friends!  They are only tied to a user account once they are deployed.


Munzee Attributes
Munzee Size Approximately 18mm Squre
Munzee Count Varies

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