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NOTE: EUROPE/UK Players - you can buy these from EU resellers! Please do not purchase from our site, your order will just be refunded.

The Bounty Ships are a new Gaming type based on the classic board game - with a Pirate twist!  This item is a VIRTUAL item which will be added to your available virtual items.

Like other Gaming munzees, once you cap the base pin it will kickstart a game for you to play out in the real world!  

As an added bonus capturing any of the Bounty Ship types/scatters will have the chance to award hidden treasure!

The point values for the Bounty Ship Munzees are as follows:

  • Cap: 35
  • CapOn: 30
  • Deploy: 40

When you capture the base Bounty Ship it will scatter the associated colored cannonballs: Red Cannonballs or Blue Cannonballs! Capturing a cannonball will then award either a HIT! or MISS!

You'll be setting sail and firing cannonballs to try to hit and SINK all the enemy ships - the goal is to keep capturing cannonballs so you can sink all of the ships and earn all the badges to win the game of Bounty Ship!

Different points and prizes are available for capturing cannonballs!

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