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NOTE: EUROPE/UK Players - you can buy these from MHQ! Please do not purchase from our site, your order will just be refunded.

Like Tulip Chest Evolutions, but don't want to wait for the stickers?  We've got you covered with the new Tulip Evolution credits!

The new Flower Evolution series contains flowers that have the ability to evolve FIVE stages into a variety of different colours!  These five stages cover a period of 70 days total as follows:

  • Stage 1 to Stage 2: after 7 days
  • Stage 2 to Stage 3: after 14 days
  • Stage 3 to Stage 4: after 21 days
  • Stage 4 to Stage 5: after 28 days

The first four stages (Seed, Germination, Growth, Bud) will be the same for each type of Flower Evo, but when it blossoms in stage five it has the chance of turning into multiple colors. Please note that although the first four stages for each are the same, they will count as different special capture icons.

The stages include:

  • Stage 1: Seed
  • Stage 2: Germination
  • Stage 3: Growth
  • Stage 4: Bud
  • Stage 5: Blossom

At stage five the Rose will be able to blossom into one of four different colors, while the Tulip and Lily can both evolve to three color options. Additionally, the virtual Carnation can evolve to one of five different colors at stage five.

The point structure is as follows:

  • Capture: 20 (Stage 1), 30 (Stage 2), 45 (Stage 3), 60 (Stage 4), 75 (Stage 5)
  • CapOn: 60 (Stage 1), 50 (Stage 2), 45 (Stage 3), 35 (Stage 4), 25 (Stage 5)
  • Deploy: 100

NOTE: your Tulip Evolution credit will be applied to your account AS SOON AS WE PROCESS YOUR ORDER - no more waiting

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