Welcome to Map My Social!

Since this is your first visit to Map My Social, we’ll give you a quick summary of what it’s all about!  Map My Social is basically a giant canvas for everyone to put their social munzee on show so that others can scan it in a fun and easy manner.  If your social munzee has an image you have created, that will be shown on the map.  You can only add your own social munzee to the map, and you can move it around (or remove it altogether) at anytime you wish. Map My Social Example For more instructions see our Map My Social Instructions page.  On this page we’ll explain in more detail how things work. To access the map, you need to click the big green button below and you’ll first be asked to login to your Munzee account (if you haven’t already).  You will then be asked to Authorize the Map My Social application.  If you need to enter your username and password, don’t worry! – you’re entering it on the site, not ours – we don’t even see your password! If you need to login, the screen will look something like this:

Map My Social Authentication

Authentication (if required) screen. Note the URL in the address bar is the site. It should be:

After you have logged in, you will need to authorize the Map My Social application to have READ-ONLY access to your Munzee data.  Note that because it is read-only, we cannot modify any of your data, and nothing personal is released to us (ie. we cannot see your name/address/etc.) – we can only see Munzee data.  The screen will look something like this:

Map My Social Authorization Step 2

By clicking the “Allow Access” button, you are authorizing the Map My Social application to access your Munzee data. The URL of this screen will be:

All you need to do is click the Allow Access button, and you will be forwarded onto the Map My Social map!

Click the big green button below to start mapping and capping!

Visit the Map My Social map now!


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